Alien Bodies

In this work, I have explored the concept of gender dysphoria, a feeling transgender people often describe as their physical bodies not matching the genders with which they identify. I have focused on the ways in which transgender and gender non-conforming individuals attempt to alleviate their dysphoria; these include everything from being prescribed hormones like testosterone and estrogen, to participating in activities generally reserved for specific genders such as smoking and drinking, to simply wearing clothes that match their internal identities. In producing these photos, I also have attempted to encapsulate not only others' struggles, but my own. Subjects were photographed engaging in various activities used for alleviating their feelings of dysphoria. All individuals involved in this project have felt the need to "fit in" to non-queer spaces on some occasions due to fear of retaliation from others. Doing so may involve passing as their desired genders or their assigned genders, as a direct threat of gender-policing.