Artist Bio

Rainn Jackson is a photographer and media artist who grew up in and still resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Their mother is also an artist, so they have been encouraged to draw, paint, dance, act, and partake in other creative activities since a young age. Their work has been shown in various galleries and publications including Amos Eno gallery in Brooklyn, the Contemporary Cress gallery in Chattanooga, the Apothecary gallery in Chattanooga, the Activist magazine, and Chattanooga Zine Fest.

In addition to being an artist, Rainn is also a political organizer who is concerned with struggles minorities face, especially class and LGBTQ issues. In their work, you will find references to sexuality, gender identity, protests, and social or political theory. Their work is often informed by personal experiences regarding these issues; they feel that sharing their experiences can help inform others about important issues. Rainn’s most recent work questions the presentation of the body, its relationship to other people, and how the body is read by others. They enjoy experimenting with different mediums and processes, and thinking of unconventional ways to queer the action of creating art.